Step Four – say hello to the new you.

A little effort goes a long way

A little effort goes a long way

There’s no doubt that your world changed the moment your ex walked away.  It’s important to take control of your attitude towards the situation; rather than seeing it as a sad ending, look at it as an exciting new beginning, full of endless possibilities. When life changes, you have to adapt to it, so why not embrace this time in your life by reinventing yourself? Use these raw and powerful emotions as motivation to become the person you have always wanted to be, whether its rising in your profession, getting into shape or building up a social life. The changes you make can start off small, like talking to a stranger or reading up on a topic, as long as you concentrate your energy on improving the way you feel about yourself and the way you do things.

This is going to be helpful because your confidence will just keep rising and this positive energy will be reflected in the way that you convey yourself to others. You will find yourself interacting with more people, making friends easily and talking to hotties without having a complete cretin attack. Most people find confidence incredibly sexy, and if you feel good about yourself, you put out a ‘vibe’ that you are a fun and interesting person, and people will naturally be drawn to you.

Another benefit of working on yourself is that it will positively affect your future, ensuring that you will become happier by the day. Also, this long-term project will form a distraction from your sadness, and it will be a way for you to channel your strong emotions into energy to achieve positive things.

I do not mean to say that you need to change or that you are not good enough the way you are. I am just acknowledging that most people have insecurities that bring their self esteem down, or goals that they have always wanted to achieve but never got around to doing. So why not get up and actively do something about it? It’s not so much the change that will help you move on – I might get thinner at some point, but I could still be sad. It’s really just about the feeling of accomplishment, the rise in confidence and the proof of self-worth that makes the difference.

I decided to improve my self-image by getting fit and losing a bit of weight. I’m not one of those people who believe that you have to be thin in order to be beautiful, but I feel that I would look better if I toned up and lost a kilo here or there. As I have mentioned before, I am a broke student, but you don’t need money for a gym membership to get into shape. I started an exercise routine where I run for thirty minutes around my neighborhood, four times a week. Three of those times, I will do basic exercises in conjunction with the running, such as push-ups and crunches. My weekly Nia class will work fantastically for my goal because it is so much fun. Today, it was difficult getting into the swing of things because, as you know, I hate exercise and find it a chore. However, the rush of endorphins afterwards felt amazing and I am truly looking forward to letting out all that steam again tomorrow and having that lovely mood lift. Not looking forward to the stiffness, though.

Stuck on what to do for yourself? How about going to get a radical new hair colour and style, and showing it off to your friends?  Or perhaps saving up and getting an attractive new wardrobe? You could even start learning a new language that you’ve always wanted to learn. As I’ve said, the possibilities are endless, and that is awfully exciting.

Click here for a useful video on how to build up your confidence and self-esteem.

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